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Is your business Brexit-proof?

  • DateJuly 15, 2020
  • Time1:00 PM EDT
  • Duration30 Minutes
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About this Webinar

With the UK scheduled to leave the European Union (EU) on December 31st 2020, members of the trade community (international and Intra EU) have little time left to implement contingency plans.

This webinar provides insight into the current talks between the United Kingdom and European Union, and where policies stand on the topic of trade. Our subject matter experts will briefly discuss the current position between the UK and EU, and the Free Trade Agreements negotiations by the UK providing an overview of the known requirements for future trade between the UK/EU and the rest of the world.

Attend this live session to learn more about:

  • The current status of discussions between UK and EU
  • The impending changes to trade that will be brought on by BREXIT, effective December 31, 2020
  • How to prepare for Brexit

Who Should Attend?

Multinational businesses that perform UK and Intra EU Trade, companies who currently conduct business in the UK and European Union, compliance managers, CFO and CEOs.

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Our experts

Paul Woodward: Senior Consultant, Global Trade Consulting

As Senior Consultant, Paul Woodward delivers of consulting engagements, proactively resolving and mitigating regulatory risk, the creation of regulatory White Papers and compliance improvement plans.
Paul is accountable for managing client expectations, drafting responses to governmental and commercial inquiries, researching and consulting internally and externally regarding business opportunities and presenting potential scenarios, adding additional compliance functions to the Global Trade Consulting

Paul’s expertise includes Global Customs Compliance, Supply Chain, EU & US Export Controls, Anti-Money Laundering, Product Compliance and Risk Assessments, his business experience includes the application and use of export control dual use, audit controls, identifying and mitigating risks plus internal and external compliance audits.

Paul holds a BA Hons International Business degree and certifications in PRINCE2, ECO Export Control Advanced (Dual Use), ECO Classifications Advanced and SOX.

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