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Successful exporting relies on accurate product classification. One error can delay shipments, incur penalties, even trigger an audit. Reputations suffer. We won’t let that happen.

Product classification isn’t easy. We’ll help you make sure your products are correctly classified and all risk of non-compliance is eliminated. Our global trade management classification team serves many industries in many countries, supporting a wide range of classification requirements, including Harmonized Tariff System number (HTS), Schedule B, Export Control Classification Number (ECCN), and Munitions List Category determination.

One data repository. Tightly managed.

Maintaining compliance and avoiding penalties and delays depends on data integrity. We help you establish a single global data repository for all your export products, including import and export product classifications. Accuracy assured.

All the requirements. Consistently correct.

We manage all your critical data, from licensing requirements to free trade qualifications, valuations, OGA requirements, and more. There’s no better way to ensure consistent and accurate classification and product management. Without the worry.

All the regulations. At your fingertips.

Trade rules are constantly changing. Monitoring them is a big job. Yet governments expect defined, repeatable processes with control points and metrics that support your product classifications. We keep your system updated and understandable.

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